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Call Public Works Marketing 1-800-517-0395 for help with determining the details and specifications of using RACI spacers for your next project.


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Call Public Works Marketing to find out the exact specifications for your project. We have sample specs and engineering details from other successful installations that you can see.

Casing Spacers isolate water, sewer, oil and gas pipelines from casings simply and cost effectively.

RACI Spacer Advantages

Spacers are manufactured entirely out of high density polythene with NO METAL bolts or attachments required. RACI spacers provide long term corrosion protection. Installation is easy.

Casing Spacers are quickly assembled by manually fitting elements one into the other. Tooth insertion method allows on site adjustment to fit a wide range of pipe diameters and coatings. Spacers slide into casing with ease.

PWM Specs Example content image


Casing Spacers shall be used to install carrier pipe inside the encasement pipe. To provide support around the periphery of the pipe should the pipe twist as it is pushed through the casing, the spacers shall be of a projection type that has a minimum number of projections around the circumference totaling the number of diameter inches. For example, 8 pipe shall have a minimum of 8 projections and 18 pipe shall have a minimum number of 18 projections.

On water pipe casing spacers shall have a maximum spacing span of 10 feet, on sewer pipe the maximum span should be 6 feet to prevent sagging of the carrier pipe. The span between spacers should result in conservative long term safety factors provided total load per spacer does not exceed the maximum load for pipe full of liquid per spacer listed in the literature. Spacers shall have a minimum height that clears the pipe bell or as otherwise indicated on the plans. Casing Spacers shall use double backed mastic tape provided with the spacers to fasten tightly onto the carrier pipe, so that the spacers do not move during installation. Installation instructions shall be provided with each shipment.

Casing Spacers shall be projected type totally non-metallic spacers constructed of preformed sections of high density polyethylene. Spacer shall be ISO 9002 certified for strength and quality. Projection type spacers shall be RACI type spacers as marketed by:

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